Brand Consulting: What Can A Consultant do for you?

Often, business owners understand what a brand is, but have no idea how to get started creating brand identity. And to be honest, that is expected since brands take a considerable amount of time to permeate the interests of the public. Plus, consumers can be fickle, and as a result, many brands do not take. Consumers do not accept them or do not identify with them, making them duds in the marketplace. And since branding typically involves all aspects of a business from the very beginning right through its mature stages of development, it might be better to consider brand consulting or more specifically, what can a consultant do for you?

The Branding Experts at yxymediaOne of the key issues with branding that most business owners do not recognize is that branding is a life-long endeavor. If you look at companies that have been around for over one hundred years and even those as young as fifty years, everything they do speaks about their brands. All of their decisions take into account their brands, not only the name of the company, but the brand names of the products. Everything works in tandem to continue the brand that is known to consumers.

What is difficult for new startups is understanding and actually acknowledging the longevity of a brand. Branding is not just about creating a name that some people know. It  is about making decisions that affect the long-term viability of a brand. Most business owners cannot see this far ahead. And that is not a criticism. It is a fact that they are trying to get their businesses up and running and then keep them afloat. Do they really have time for branding? So, the first thing that a brand consultant can do for you is look at the bigger picture.

The branding consultant can spend the time doing the legwork and creating your long-term plan. She can arrange meetings with people that she knows can produce artwork, logos, and other creative material that will be important to your brand. She will organize the bids on projects and make the final short list for your review. So, the second thing that a consultant can do for you is free up your time to work on the meat and potatoes of your business, while understanding that you do need someone working just as hard on your potential brand.

Another advantage of employing a branding consultant is the fact that she has contacts in the industry. Often, she will have worked with other companies and knows who offers the best services or the services that best match your requirements depending on media types and budget. Admittedly, you do want to be careful when agreeing to “packaged deals” because the costs add up rather quickly, but sometimes it is less expensive than continually paying the wrong person to complete your promotional material and your brand’s look.

Additionally, the branding consultant needs to understand the importance of both online and offline branding. Today, a company or product cannot reach brand status without the associated connection or familiarity on the internet. Even a startup who believes his business is offline, the consultant must make him aware of the fact that the internet can help to make a brand’s identity skyrocket dramatically. And because customers expect some sort of digital interaction, it is only prudent to heed the advice.

Finally, the branding consultant can set in motion a specific direction for you. With a concrete plan in place, the consultant will help you stay on track with your branding goals. Instead of just wishing you could do this or that, you will have a solid plan of attack from the proposal presented by the consultant. It becomes a type of to-do list for you and keeps you focused.

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Bert is the managing director of yxymedia, an online marketing and online advertising agency located in Belgium. He's had a passion for branding for ages - and blogs on NetBrands as an outlet for his branding-musings.

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