NetBrands is not just another weblog on marketing. We focus on branding, one of the main passions of blogger Bert Geens, Managing Director of yxymedia – a succesful Online Marketing Agency in Belgium. In my professional life, brand marketing has taken a second role due to our focus on other forms of marketing; but I’m still extremely interested in branding, brand development, brand marketing and especially its place in the Marketing Mix in the Twenty-first century.

On this blog, I’ll try to post timely updates on branding campaigns, notable books and general branding-related articles. I’m open to suggestions at any time – and look forward to any e-mails from people interested in doing partnerships with NetBrands. I won’t post my e-mail address here due to a heavy case of spam-fear, but you can find it on our corporate website anyway.

For a quick-fix – check out this list of excellent books I suggest everyone reads at least once when they want to call themselves branding-experts.

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